February 2014

Dear Earth and Vine,


As you can see from my signature, I’m involved with Consumer Care at our Company (I do a lot of other things, but that is one of my responsibilities), so I’m accustom to receiving letters from people, but I rarely write one of my own!  This changed when I purchased your Red Pepper/Ancho Chili Jam from Fresh Market in Little Rock, AR.  

At any rate, because I eat a toasted Whole Grain English Muffin with cream cheese, pepper jam, and a slice of prosciutto EVERY SINGLE MORNNG, I’ve been looking for a “Pepper Jelly/Jam” that is different from all the rest, and believe me I havetried them all!!!!   When I used yours for the first time last month, I thought I heard angels singing when I took my first bite! Truly delicious!!  I went back to buy more, and couldn’t find it.  I had given up when I just happen to glance across theaisle where other “sauces” were and there it was waiting for me.  J  
I’ve also mixed it with sour cream and drizzled it on fish tacos, I’ve served it atop a chicken breast, but by far my favorite is at breakfast.


I hope you continue making this wonderful product!

Tammy L. 
ittle Rock, AR   72113